GI WACAF Key Performance Indicators

Using data submitted by each country of the Project, it has been possible to gauge the level of national response capability across the WACAF region. The data was first collected in 2006 to provide a benchmark. It has been monitored since then and updated most recently in 2015 to confirm progress and improvements:

  1. Designation of authority: The country has in place a designated national authority to deal with oil spill related issues
  2. Legislation: The country has ratified the OPRC 1990 Convention
  3. National Oil Spill Contingency plan: The country has an approved NOSCP
  4. Regional agreement: The country has in place either a regional, sub-regional, or bi-lateral agreement relating to oil spill response cooperation
  5. Training and Exercise: The country has undertaken a national level oil spill training and exercise event
  6. National Resources: The country has equipment and resources to adequately address oil spill risks

In comparison to 2006, the results from 2015 show a significant increase in the overall level of oil spill response capability across the region.