Sub-regional workshop on shoreline response to oil spills

29 May /1 Jun 2018 - Namibia
  • Type of activity: Sub-regional workshop
  • Countries invited: Angola, Cabo Verde, Ghana, Liberia, Namibia, Nigeria, The Gambia, Sierra Leone and South Africa
  • Focus topic: Shoreline response
  • Number of participants: 44
  • Host: Ministry of Works and Transport
  • Objectives: The workshop will provide delegates with:
    • essential knowledge and skills to develop strategy and policy to implement an effective shoreline response (clean-up and assessment) within their respective countries;
    • thorough understanding of the common challenges and complexities in implementing an effective shoreline response through undertaking a table-top exercise and field trip;
    • and networking opportunities between delegates from the region to enhance regional cooperation and to stimulate a cooperative approach to oil spill preparedness and response.
  • Report: click here to download