The Global Initiative (GI)

GI_LogoThe Global Initiative (GI) is a joint programme established between the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues. It was launched in 1996 in South Africa and endorsed by the 37th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) to enhance the capacity of countries to prepare for and respond to marine oil spills.

The overall objective is to improve and sustain the capacity of developing countries to protect their marine and coastal resources at risk from an oil pollution incident through the full implementation of the OPRC 90 Convention.

Delivery of the Project activities would be directed to participating countries through national and local industry Focal Points using local experts and institutions. The Initiative is coordinated jointly by IMO and IPIECA.

During the nineties, the GI organised large regional seminars to establish regional status and to agree on general recommendations towards improved preparedness. The Global Initiative now encompasses Regional Projects, like GI WACAF, to help build local capacity and interest for the development and implementation of effective contingency plans.

These Regional Projects offer closer partnership possibilities between government and local business units, keeping a regional focus to achieve the GI vision.

The Global Initiative demonstrates a successful example of cooperation between the United Nations and the industry. This success is due to the willingness of the IMO and the oil industry to support governments to enhance the capacity of countries to prepare for and respond to marine oil spills through the ratification and the implementation of appropriate IMO legal instruments and the promotion of good practice in spill preparedness and response.

To learn more on the Global Initiative, you can download the IPIECA Brochure.