Training on the key elements of pollution response in the case of oil spill

25 Jun /3 Jul 2019 - Benin (Cotonou)
  • Type of activity: National exercise
  • Focus topic: Contingency planning
  • Host: Beinese authorities in cooperation with GoGIN and the Yaounde architecture
  • Objectives: This training should enable participants to:
    • To acquire essential knowledge on oil spill preparedness and response;
    • Clarify the roles of stakeholders and the organization and management of oil spill response;
    • Identify recommendations to improve the institutional framework for pollution response in Benin;
    • To understand the issues involved in the characterization of an oil spill at sea;
    • To prepare, conduct and record the minutes of an air reconnaissance operation;
    • To understand the steps involved in the chemical characterization of hydrocarbons from sea sampling to laboratory analysis; and
    • To understand the framework for the implementation of international compensation regimes.
  • Report: click here to download (Fran├žais)