IMS 300 Training and 3rd Joint industry – government exercise

4 /7 Nov 2019 - South Africa (Cape Town)
  • Type of activity: National exercise
  • Focus topic: Incident Management System (IMS)
  • Number of participants: 60
  • Host: Department of Transport
  • Objectives: The following aims and objectives were identified:
    • test an offshore platform oil spill incident scenario;
    • verify Incident Commander and Function’s competency and capacity to respond, activate and effectively manage an incident across relevant government departments and industry;
    • test the alert escalation reporting procedures as identified in the NOSCP;
    • test the establishment of the incident management structure as per the NOSCP;
    • test the inter co-operational ability of relevant government departments with participation from industry as per the NOSCP;
    • test the availability and activation of response assets for effective deployment;
    • test the engagement of the Public information officer and Media Liaison officer for external communications;
    • use the Planning P up to compiling an Incident Action Plan;
    • preparation of an exercise feedback report as to establish KPI’s for the next national exercise.