POSTPONED - Sub-regional workshop on the ratification and effective implementation of IMO conventions

  • Date(s)
    27-30 Apr 2020
  • Location
    Ghana (Accra)


Countries invitedGhana, Liberia, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, The Gambia
ActivitySub-regional workshop
TopicLegal and institutional aspects
Number of Participants30
HostEnvironmental Protection Agency (Ghana)


Following the decision taken by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday 11 March to recognize COVID-19 as a pandemic and in view of the increasing number of cases worldwide, IMO has decided to postpone future meetings due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19. In this context, as a precautionary measure, it was also decided to postpone missions and technical cooperation activities abroad until further notice in the best interest of the participants, experts and host countries.

The workshop will provide delegates with:

  • Thorough understanding of the work of IMO in general and more specifically in relation to pollution preparedness and response, and liability and compensation for pollution damage. In addition, the technical context through which these conventions operate and the challenges they aim to address;
  • Essential knowledge on the provisions and obligations associated with the ratification of the various IMO conventions related to pollution preparedness and response, liability and compensation;
  • An understanding of:
  1. the process of transposition into domestic law of the respective Conventions
  2. and the relevant issues to be addressed;
  • Knowledge on good practice on the effective implementation of the respective conventions. Delegates will have the opportunity to review their legislation and/or to train on drafting legislation;
  • Draft an action plan with concrete outputs;

  • Networking opportunities between delegates from the region to enhance regional cooperation and to stimulate a cooperative approach to oil spill preparedness and response.