Congo - National workshop ofr the update of the national contingency plan

  • Date(s)
    2 Oct - 26 Jan 2024
  • Location
    Congo (Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo)


ActivityNational workshop
TopicNational Oil Spill Contingency Plan (NOSCP), Contingency Planning
Number of Participants70
HostMinistry of Transports, Civil Aviation and Merchant Navy


In 2023, the national authorities of the Republic of Congo expressed their willingness to update the "National Oil Contingency Plan (NSCP) for major oil spills and HNS at sea" dated 2014. Following this, the GI WACAF asked Cedre to carry out a full review of the NSCP (2014), the results of which were presented to the authorities in a report.

The objectives of the national workshop are part of a wider project, the overall aim of which is to provide technical assistance to the Congo to review and update the national operational spill response and preparedness system in line with current risks, in compliance with conventions and in line with best practice.

More specifically, the priority technical objectives of the workshop were to:

- Clarify the scope and operational reach of the NESP
- Update and consolidate national organisation and coordination
- Develop operational arrangements for response at sea and on land
- Review national and cross-border alert processes
- Discuss the national use policy
- Ensure that the revision of the NIP is in line with the draft Angola - Congo - DRC sub-regional agreement.

The workshop consisted of various information sessions and working sessions, which produced concrete results for progress on each objective.