National workshop on the use of dispersant and local contingency planning

  • Date(s)
    7-10 Nov 2011
  • Location
    Angola (Luanda)


ActivityNational workshop
TopicContingency Planning, Dispersant
Number of Participants45
HostMinistry of Petroleum (Ministério dos Petróleos)


  • On local contingency planning:
    • Clarify responsibilities and scope of action of local incident management organizations (provincial and ports)
    • Present and review elements for the development of provincial plans
    • Review the integration of the Provincial Plans into the National Plan
  • On the use of dispersant:
    • Present and discuss recent developments in dispersant use
    • Present and discuss the results from specific dispersant-related research projects addressing the use of dispersant within the context of national policies
    • Present and review the existing dispersant use policy in Angola in the light of the information presented during the technical sessions
    • Expand emergency procedures for the importation of stockpiles of dispersant and specialist dispersant spraying aircraft, including logistics at the airport and means of spreading (e.g. ship or aircraft).