Sub-regional Workshop on dispersant use policy

  • Date(s)
    31 Oct - 2 Nov 2023
  • Location
    South Africa, Angola, Namibia (Johannesburg, South Africa)


Countries invitedSouth Africa, Angola, Namibia
ActivitySub-regional workshop
HostDepartment of Transport and SAMSA


The overall objective of the activity is to foster discussions, and, ultimately, cooperation, between Angola, Namibia and South Africa about dispersant use. This workshop aims at:

  • Harmonising the countries’ understanding of dispersant use and regulations
  • Sharing and exchanging on respective national dispersant use policy
  • Assessing national needs and priorities when utilising dispersant as a response strategy

The Dispersant workshop aims to cover:

  • The science and experience relating to dispersant use (and relevant to dispersant policy development)
  • The role dispersant in preparedness and response in the context of SIMA/ NEBA
  • Cross boundary issues and opportunities for mutual aid /support from government and industry
  • Recognised sources of international good practice