Togo. Technical assistance for the procurement of oil spill response equipment and development of a training & exercise program.

  • Date(s)
    28 Feb - 4 Mar 2022
  • Location


ActivityTechnical Cooperation
TopicOil spill response equipment


Togo aims to purchase oil spill response equipment. In that regard, Togo has requested support from the GI WACAF Project to develop of its strategy for the procurement of oil spill response equipment. A technical cooperation activity was agreed with the following objectives:

  • To conduct an initial assessment on current operational capability and oil spill risk for Togo, including possible transboundary oil spills,
  • To define needs in terms of oil spill response equipment (to maintain in country) to be able to mitigate the impacts of small spills and initiate response to larger spills,
  • To develop a subsequent strategic policy regarding equipment and its storage, manpower and technical expertise in line with the spill hazards and ranges of environmental operating conditions.
  • To provide training programs and cost estimates for the maintenance of equipment and operational needs,
  • To support Togo in the drafting of the technical aspects of the Terms of Reference to be used as part of a public tender process to procure process of oil spill response equipment; and
  • To identify possible changes incurred by the assessment and the procurement of this oil spill response equipment on the national preparedness and response plan.


Following the preparatory study, the on-site mission and the different exchanges with national authorities, the GI WACAF and its consultant provided some areas of improvement that could be considered to improve the effectiveness of the response to spills.