Trans-boundary exercise to test the lines of communication in case of an oil spill

  • Date(s)
    14-15 Sep 2015
  • Location
    Gabon (Libreville)


Countries invitedCongo, Gabon
ActivityTrans-boundary exercise
TopicTrans-boundary cooperation
HostDirection Générale de l’Environnement (Gabon) et Ministère Délégué chargé de la Marine Marchande (the Congo)


  • To present issues related to trans-boundary oil spill incidents
  • To test lines of communication between Gabon and the Congo in the case of a trans-boundary oil spill incident
  • To test the National Oil Spill Contingency Plans of the respective countries in the case of a trans-boundary oil spill incident
  • To discuss different mechanisms for requests for assistance and allocation of international resources

The exercise will be conducted in real time with a prearranged script based on an incident resulting in an oil spill impacting the Gabonese and Congolese coastlines.
The event will gather delegates from different ministries and agencies as well as representatives from the Oil & Gas industry.