Nigeria - Oiled Wildlife Contingency Plan

  • Date(s)
    20-23 Jun 2023
  • Location
    Nigeria (Abuja, Nigeria)


Countries invitedNigeria
ActivityNational workshop
TopicOiled wildlife
Number of Participants120


Hosted by NOSDRA, the GI WACAF, with the support of Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) and ITOPF, GI WACAF ran a four-day workshop in Nigeria focused on the National Oiled Wildlife Contingency Plan.

The key objective of this national workshop was to present and provide training to relevant national stakeholders on the scope oiled wildlife preparedness through technical presentations, case studies and table-top exercises, and to discuss the current knowledge and understanding of Nigeria's NOSCP and environment.

The report will be available soon.