The Gambia - Shoreline risks assessment and stakeholder meetings

  • Date(s)
    10-16 Jun 2023
  • Location
    The Gambia (Banjul)


Countries invitedThe Gambia
ActivityNational workshop
TopicNational Oil Spill Contingency Plan (NOSCP)
HostGambia Maritime Administration


The Gambia plans on updating and finalizing its NOSCP by the end of 2023.

The objectives of this site visit were to initiate sensitivity mapping of the Gambian coast and to meet key national stakeholders.

The GI WACAF's role is to provide technical assistance to the country, resulting in an updated and effective NOSCP.

The main outputs of this activity are the following:

1. A recommended guidance document as the basis for the NOSCP to be adopted

2. Gap Analysis and recommendations document to advise on future needs and developments to further strengthen the plan

The activity report will be available shortly.