Online training on liability and compensation in case of oil spill pollution

  • Date(s)
    28-30 Jun 2021, 8:00am - 12:00am
  • Location
    The Gambia


ActivityRemote assistance
TopicLiability and Compensation
HostThe Gambia Maritime Administration, under the line Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure


  • Train the authorities on the scope and implementation of the IMO Conventions relating to liability and compensation in the event of marine oil pollution, in particular through case studies and exercises (evaluation and settlement procedure, cost calculation, etc.); and
  • Train the authorities on the practical aspects of liability and compensation, such as how to raise a claim, and detailing the claim assessment process.


To follow up on the 2020 remote legal assistance activity to The Gambia on the effective implementation of IMO conventions and in view of the current and future oil and gas activities off the coast of West Africa and subsequent growing risks of incident, the GI WACAF Project has developed an online training course on liability and compensation in case of oil spill pollution which is tailored to the needs expressed by the Gambian authorities.

Given that national face-to-face workshops are still not possible due to travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the training programme has been adapted to consider the specificities of an online activity.