Change in GI WACAF Secretariat

November 21st 2018

We are glad to announce that the GI WACAF Secretariat changed in October 2018 and to introduce the new team: Julien Favier and Émilie Canova.

Julien has taken over from Clément Chazot as Project manager after two years as Project coordinator. Julien first joined the GI WACAF Project in October 2016 and since then he has had the opportunity to work closely with government and industry representatives alike at home and within many countries of the region.

Émilie Canova, the new Project coordinator, has just arrived from Paris, where she was desk officer in charge of Nordic countries and the Arctic at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was focusing on the regional cooperation on environmental and hydrocarbons related subjects.

They will make every effort to walk in their predecessors’ footsteps and continue to support national authorities of partner countries in the making and in the improvement of national preparation and response system to oil spills.