GI WACAF attends the scoping workshop for the preparation of the plenipotentiaries meeting of the Abidjan Convention in Abidjan – September 3-5 2018

September 25th 2018

In order to define a post-signature roadmap for the additional protocols to be adopted by the end of 2018, the Abidjan Convention Secretariat organized a scoping workshop from 5 to 7 September 2018. The 4 additional protocols discussed were:

  1. Pollution from land-based sources and activities (LBSA)
  2. Environmental norms and standards related to offshore oil and gas activities (Offshore protocol)
  3. Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM)
  4. Sustainable mangrove management

The specific objectives of the workshop were to develop for each of these 4 protocols:

  • An Action Plan for the implementation of the protocol and analyze the necessary synergies with the other protocols on national and sub-regional level; and
  • A roadmap for process of transposition of protocols into national laws.

The meeting also looked at the lines of communication needed to raise awareness among all stakeholders on the implications of the protocols and the role of each.

The meeting was attended by governmental representatives from the member countries to the Abidjan Convention, as well as by representatives from NGOs, industry representatives and other organisations such as IOGP. The GI WACAF Project attended and notably contributed to the development of the draft action plan for the Environmental norms and standards related to offshore oil and gas activities (Offshore protocol).

Meeting documents can be downloaded from the following dedicated webpage, page on which the report of the meeting will be uploaded at a later stage.