GI WACAF attends the GoGIN coordination meeting in Lisbon, Portugal - 13-14 January 2020

January 10th 2020

Along with major institutional partners such as EMSA, the European Fisheries Agency, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and others, GI WACAF will attend the GoGIN coordination meeting of maritime international partners in the Gulf of Guinea, which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 13th and 14th January 2020.

The objective of this meeting is to favor mutual knowledge and information sharing between the different initiatives and to identify possible areas of cooperation between the different partners working on maritime safety, security and protection of the environment issues in the Gulf of Guinea.

GoGIN – Gulf of Guinea Inter-regional Network – is a EU funded project that aims to foster inter-regional cooperation from Senegal to Angola on maritime safety and security issues, including accidental pollution of the marine environment. GI WACAF and GoGIN have been working hand-in-hand since 2018 and successfully implemented a joint activity in Benin in 2019.