New GI WACAF Project Manager

September 19th 2021

We are glad to introduce the new Project Manager: Lindsay Page-Jones

Lindsay Page-Jones is replacing Emilie Canova as GI WACAF Project Manager. Trained as a coastal geographer, Lindsay joined a French oil spill consultancy company in 2003. Since then, he has participated in various activities for authorities, port, regions and the industry: he worked on oil spill contingency planning and customized IMS implementation, delivered both classroom and field training, and organised equipment deployment exercises onshore, in ports and offshore. He was also an Oil Spill Advisor for 5 years on secondment for a major producing oil affiliate in Africa and participated in various oil spill response operations.

Lindsay is delighted to join GI WACAF to continue to implement the Project's work program in order to achieve the objectives of strengthening national capacities to prepare for and respond to oil spills. While hoping that the global health situation will improve so that the GI WACAF Project team can once again go on site for trainings and workshops, Lindsay and the Project Coordinator, Chloé Gondo, are currently working to implement online activities or remote assistance.